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White Papers

NEW White Paper: European Higher Education Technology Climate Report: The Present and Future
A research study and literature review providing a European perspective on technology trends and directions
Jan 2019
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Higher Education institutions have a responsibility to meet the needs of the changing world of work and a changing society, plus an imperative to remain competitive in this changing world

The higher education sector is growing rapidly all over the world with the number of universities and other new forms of higher education institutions increasing to meet this growing demand in both our mature advanced economies and the fast growth developing economies. Competition for the best students both locally and internationally is intense. New competition is coming from new flexible forms of education with distance options and more flexible courses and modules. Creative new services are supporting students unable to travel to campus for reasons of geography, or with life demands which make them unable to commit to a full-time campus experience. Many of the best students are seeking international education connections and opportunities, and there is a major trend towards business partnerships, increased engagement with employers, block releases and degree-apprenticeships which are all driving significant changes in many institutions.

This paper was commissioned by HP to examine the main environmental factors driving the sector and explore what institutions are doing to compete in an increasingly international and growing market for higher education.

Research funded by HP Inc.

White Paper: Models for successful schools in a digital age - A research study and literature review, Dec 2017

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“Education is a tension between passing down fixed stores of knowledge and drawing out possibilities in the learner”

As we move towards the second half of the 21st Century our education systems need to support independent learners and problem solvers with high levels of digital literacy. A clear understanding of how technology is influencing and will increasingly continue to influence their lives is imperative for our students to become active citizens in the modern globalised world. It is also clear from the research and case studies, that well-applied technology significantly enhances the learning and teaching experience once the right conditions, leadership and support are in place.

This paper was commissioned by HP in a quest to uncover and understand the factors that make some schools more successful than others in improving learning outcomes with digital technology. The intention is to identify the interdependencies and find the key proof points that can make a significant difference to technology enhanced teaching and learning environments.

Research funded by HP Inc.