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Effectiveness Evaluation and Programme Redesign

EdTech Ventures undertakes evaluation of national and regional educational technology initiatives and projects to assess the effectiveness of various types of implementation. Our evaluation process includes visits to schools, interviews with representative samples from all stakeholder groups and students, and the design and analysis of surveys, reviews and questionnaires.

The detailed analysis of this data is used to make recommendations to our clients on program effectiveness, and redesign or readjustment recommended in order to ensure the best possible use and integration of technology results in improved learning outcomes for all students, and provides value for money.

These recommendations are based on international best practices but are adapted to maximise outcomes whatever the economic and social situation of the client’s jurisdiction.

Evaluation processes can include reviews of and recommendations for:

  • Teaching and learning with educational technology
  • Infrastructure and devices
  • Professional development of teachers and school leaders
  • Management Information Systems
  • Teaching and learning resources
  • Curriculum design
  • Assessment systems

Example: Recommendations from a recent evaluation for a major mLearning program

Recent examples of evaluations completed include:

A whole country evaluation of educational technology implementation 2002 to 2015 which included a 30-page detailed list of recommendations, suggested actions and timelines for implementation.

Investigation and design of a global questionnaire for an industry-led e-Learning program.

Various European funded projects.