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NEW White Paper: European Higher Education Technology Climate Report: The Present and Future

A research study and literature review providing a European perspective on technology trends and directions

Jan 2019

Research funded by HP Inc.

Higher Education institutions have a responsibility to meet the needs of the changing world of work and a changing society, plus an imperative to remain competitive in this changing world

The higher education sector is growing rapidly all over the world with the number of universities and other new forms of higher education institutions increasing to meet this growing demand in both our mature advanced economies and the fast growth developing economies. Competition for the best students both locally and internationally is intense. New competition is coming from new flexible forms of education with distance options and more flexible courses and modules. Creative new services are supporting students unable to travel to campus for reasons of geography, or with life demands which make them unable to commit to a full-time campus experience. Many of the best students are seeking international education connections and opportunities, and there is a major trend towards business partnerships, increased engagement with employers, block releases and degree-apprenticeships which are all driving significant changes in many institutions.

A progressive and future-proof campus framework designed for 21st Century students, academics and administrators helps define and design active learning spaces and a high quality on-campus experience, together with a consistent high-quality digital environment, and a virtual campus experience which carries the strong institutional identity of a leading university across campus, off campus and to distance learners all over the world

This paper examines the main environmental factors driving the sector and explores through desk research and case study analysis what institutions are doing to compete in an increasingly international and growing market for higher education. There is also a detailed section on the technology trends that will drive higher education now, and in the future, and an analysis of students’ perspectives and expectations.

Main considerations in preparing for the Campus of the Future

About the Authors

Dr Michelle Selinger, Principal Consultant Pedagogy and Curriculum Design

Michelle has extensive experience helping governments and educational institutions around the world. Michelle has worked on country-wide and institution-based transformation projects, and in the development of effective frameworks for planning, implementation and teacher competencies. Michelle established and led the Centre for New Technology Research in Education at the University of Warwick UK in 1997 and was a Senior Education Consultant with Cisco Systems 2000-2013

Peter Hamilton, Principal Consultant EdTech Strategy and Solution Design

Founder and General Manager of EdTech Ventures Consultancy Services. Peter has worldwide experience in the design and development of digital education solutions working with highest level of government organisations, NGOs, and Industry partners. An experienced executive with 35 years’ experience in the IT industry Peter led the development of the Intel skoool.com initiative worldwide from 2000 to 2012 which brought digital education solutions to 35 countries in 15 languages. Winner of the World Summit of the Information Society Award 2005, and EMEA region director of solution partnerships with education publishers and software providers at Intel from 2012 to 2016

Additional Contributors

Shelley Shott, Principal Consultant Education Strategy, Leadership & Professional Development

Shelley is an accomplished curriculum development professional, with a distinguished career creating and implementing innovative and exemplary programs for students and teachers around the world. She has worked with Ministries of Education, State Departments of Education, school leaders, and teachers in over 40 countries worldwide in helping improve teaching and learning through the integration of technology.

Jeannette A. Weisschuh, Prinicipal Consultant Digital education strategies and game changing initiatives

Jeannette has more than 20 years leadership experience in global, regional and national organizations at Hewlett-Packard and other companies. She is highly experienced in developing digital strategy frameworks and global learning solutions, e.g. in STEM and entrepreneurship with strong impact for individuals, enterprises and public sector.
Jeannette collaborated closely with public sector leaders in Germany at federal, state and community level to explore how digitalization could add new values to teaching and learning and help to address gaps in education.